The Coote and Wench Design Company was borne out of a passion that we have for sourcing and repurposing antique and vintage items into usable and individual decorating pieces. Our passion is translated mostly into lighting and has resulted in the most gorgeous "one off" unique and individual designs and creations. 

Each of our lights are unique, and are sourced individually and paired with the perfect Tripod to suit it’s personality.  We can tell each light’s story of where it was sourced and how it came to be and we have numbered each of them, as no two lights are the same and deserve to be treated as individual pieces of illuminating art.

Our Story

Our Company began mostly through collaboration with other designers, artists and decorators, as we were called upon to bring their creative ideas to life in our home-based workshop.  

This inspired our first creation, Light No.1.  This was a project that we created for our own home, and based on the amazing feedback and interest we received from friends, family and colleagues, we began creating a line of "one-off" tripod floor lamps using materials and items we sourced on many of our "junking" excursions. 

All of the items which make up our lights, are sourced locally within South Africa and have a home grown flavour to them.

We hope that those who purchase our products, love, cherish and enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them.


Light No. 1

This light started our journey in making one-off tripod lights and was designed using a vintage street light, which we saved from a salvage yard in Johannesburg.  We mounted it on an antique theodolite tripod, which was sourced through a local auction house.