What is your spirit's passion

Over the past couple of years I have engaged with loads of people who are working 9 - 5 earning a salary in order to fund their real passion.  I have a passion for creating, which is expressed in our lighting projects, but that is not my day job, but rather my 2nd evening job (being a mom of 2 young boys is my primary evening job).  People around us have many passions and in fact have incredible talent that they express outside of their formal jobs.  Wouldn't  it be amazing if we could harness all this talent, passion and energy in our day jobs, just think about the fun we would have and how much more successful corporates and businesses would be if they could leverage this additional discretionary effort.  Recently we bought a print from a highly talented artist, who happens to be an equally successful art director for a large ad agency - talk about talent and passion in action!